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Barbara Zantiotis

Anna Kepreotes, Koula, Panayiotitsa, Anna Zantiotis - 15/04/2016

These four lovely ladies have known each other since they were young.  This photo was taken at the surprise 78th birthday lunch for my mum Anna.  

Anna Kepreotes (Veneris) and my mother Anna Zantiotis (Anastasopoulos) shared a bedroom at the home of Koula Carydis (Cassimatis) when they first arrived in Australia.  My mother arrived in April 1956.
My mother was a bridesmaid at Anna Kepreotes's wedding in June 1956.  
Koula and her husband George were koumbari at my parents wedding in November 1956.  

Panayiotitsa (Bobo) Fardouly (Lahanas) and my mum hadn't seen each other for many, many years but after a series of fortuante events, they were reunited!

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James Victor Prineas
on 22.04.2016