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submitted by Clarence River Historical Society on 28.05.2006

Greek Independence Day celebrations. Grafton. 1946.

Greek Independence Day celebrations. Grafton. 1946.
Copyright (1946) Effy Alexakis

March 1946.

Left to right:

Older man (?)

Boy, (front), George Bernard

Boy (obscured), Spiro Notaras

Older man, back (?)

Young boy, front, Angelo Notaras

Young boy obscured, Arthur Bernard

Older man, back (?)

Tall man, front (?)

Young boy, front, Mitchell Notaras

Man back, Gordon Winfield, Member of State Parliament

Man, front (?)

Man back (?)

Man with arm outstretched, Anthony Notaras, father of Mitchell, Angelo, John, Irene and Betty

Man behind, Peter Theodore

Young man, front (?)

Man, Jim Langley

Young boy (obscured) (?)

Young boy (obscured) (?)

Young girl, front, (?)

Man behind, Nick Andronicos

Man in front, Nick Langley

Boy in Cadet uniform, (?)

Man on end, Peter Bernard

From the photographic collection of the Clarence River Historical Society.

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