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Kytherian Cultural Exchange

Panayotis Diamadis interviewing 87 year old Thespina Tourva

whose father made the journey ‘From Italy to Australia’ (Migrant Film - 1924).

The interview occurred at the end of the first screening of the film specifically for a Greek audience.

Obscured behind Panayoti Mrs Marshall. She is the the daughter-in-law of a passenger. Her father-in-laws name is recorded as Calliatsos. It was in fact Galliatsos. He was from Kephalonia.

The young man standing Panayotis to his right, is the grandson of passenger Lykourgos Christakis, from Mesolonghi.

More than 350 Hellenes and Philhellenes attended the screening.

‘Dall’Italia All’Australia’, literally meaning ‘From Italy to Australia’ is a silent film shot by Italian Film Director Angelo Drovetti in 1924, that chronicles the voyage of the Regina d’Italia (Queen of Italy) - one of three passenger ships first built for the Lloyd Sabaudo Line at the turn of last century.
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The film was discovered by Melbourne journalist and writer, Tony De Bolfo, during research for his book ‘In Search of Kings’ that chronicles another passenger ship from the same line called ‘Il Re d’Italia’, (The King of Italy) - 1927.

Tony was determined to deliver ‘Dall’Italia All’Australia’ to an Australian audience based on the belief that the film not only commanded enormous Australian historical value, but that it would resonate with the many Australians who have empathy for the courage of migrants and who share the excitement in being part of a most unique event.

Date: Tuesday 26 May

Time: 7.30pm for 8pm

Venue: The Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville

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