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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 01.06.2004

Richmond Mafia ~1949

Richmond Mafia ~1949
Copyright (0000) Paul Panaretto

Some more party goers at the Panaretto/Simos farewell gig at the (probably) Lismore Rowing Club ~1949.
1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Helen Manoli Cassis (nee Damati).
4. Manoli Cassis of Lismore
5. George Macris of Lismore
6. Baby Chris Macris.
7. John Nick Terakes of Lismore.
8. Doreen Theo Poulos (nee Godbee)
9. Theo George Poulos of Lismore.
10. Martha Leo Manias (nee Cassis)
11. Leo Manias of Lismore.
12. Mrs Sylvia John Terakes of Lismore.
13. James Nick Crethar of Casino.
14. Unknown
15. Nick Mark Terakes of Lismore.
16. Jack Vic Panaretos of Lismore.
17. Charlie Anthony Sourry of Lismore.
18. Nick George (?) Samios of Kyogle.
19. Phillip Peter Feros of Lismore.
20. George Peter Feros
21. Unknown
22. Peter Christianos of Lismore
23. John Peter (?) Samios of Kyogle.
24. Unknown.
25. Frosso Peter Poulos (nee Crethar) of Ballina.
26. Stan Gleeson of Kyogle.
27. Mrs Botta George Poulos of Ballina.
28. Mrs Anna Macris of Lismore.
29. Patra Jack Bavea (nee Damati) of Lismore
30. Matina Nick Crones (nee Sofios) of Lismore
31. Baby Angelo Nick Crones.
32. Nick Angelo Crones of Lismore.
33. Peter John Coroneo of Ballina.
34. Kalypso Peter Christianos (nee Panaretto) of Lismore.
35. Victor Nick Crethar of Casino.
36. Peter Nick Conomos of Kyogle
37. Crissa Peter Conomos (nee Samios) of Kyogle.
38. Leo John Coroneo of Ballina.
39. Katina Nick Terakes (nee Sargent/Stratigakis).
40. Matina Spyro Coronakes (nee Crethar, dau of Peter Nick and Anna).
41. Maria Charlie Sourry (nee Terakes) of Lismore.
42. George Christos Simos of Casino.
43. Katina Stan Gleeson (nee Coroneos) of Kyogle.
44. Panayiota Eric Crethar (nee Georgiou).
45. Eric Victor Crethar of Lismore.
46. Harry Eric Crethar.
47. Con Stan Gleeson of Kyogle
48. Helen Peter Feros (nee Prineas).
49. Peter George Feros of Lismore.
50. Unknown
51. Anna Peter Crethar (nee Coroneos) of Lismore.
52. Maria Peter Crethar.
53. Probably Helen Harry Fardouly of Inverell.
54. Sylvia Stan Gleeson.
55. John Peter Crethar of Lismore.
56. Louie Nick Crethar of Casino.
57. George Nick Crethar.
58. Maria Nick Crones of lismore
59. Sofia Jack Bavea of Lismore.
60. Lula Jack Bavea.
61. Phyllis Nick Crones.
62. Helen Nick Crethar of Casino.

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submitted by
Marina Fitzpatrick
on 19.01.2005

176:#26 George Poulos (Ballina) husband of Botta #27. #51 Anna Crethar (nee Coroneos - Karavas) GlenInnes/Lismore/Ballina sister of Peter#33- Ballina,Katina#43-Kyogle/Kirra/Brisbane,Leo#38-Ballina/Sydney. #52 Muriunthi(Mary)Crethar-Lismore daughter of Peter Nicholas and Anna #51, sister of Matina #40-Lismore

submitted by
Marina Fitzpatrick
on 19.01.2005

177: mafia - "any tightly knit group of trusted associates"