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submitted by James Gavriles on 08.11.2004

Sofios/Gavriles Cousins get together In Detroit

Sofios/Gavriles Cousins get together In Detroit
Copyright (2004) J.gavriles

My Grandson Jim Gavriles II,Jim C. Sofios son of Charles Sofios, Charles(Chuck)H. Sofios,John H. Sofios. At my son nick Gavriles's custom car shop in Walled lake ,Michigan. Charles lives in the area, John lives in the Fresno, California area, and was just passing through from his summer visit to Logothetianica Kythera.
The Sofios's originally from Bowling Green, Ohio. Their Father was Haralambos Sofios, Their Mother was Helen Tamvakis.
The Gavriles family and the Sofios family are first cousins.

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submitted by
Rani Lewis-jones
on 05.01.2006

256:No photos as yet to add to the website's collection, but am VERY interested to see my cousins, Chuck and John Sofios, happy with cousins from the other side of their fanmily. I am VERY MUCH looking forward to meeting John when he visits Sydney for the first time in 2006, as he's promised to do. My sister and I, as the last of the Tamvakis women, can't wait!!!!!!