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(Tzortzo) Poulos (Hlihlis) family function. 1950's. Goulburn.

(Tzortzo) Poulos (Hlihlis)  family function. 1950's. Goulburn.
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Brothers George Dimitri (Tzortzo) Poulos and Con Dimitri (Tzortzo) Poulos, children of Dimitri and Athena.


Left to Right:

1. Dora Tzortzopoulos, youngest daughter of Mina and Frosso, Crookwell, and later Goulburn. Dora, after marrying Harry Dermatis from Niapoli, lived in Canberra, and later South Coogee.

2. Frosso Tzortzopoulos.


4. Mina Tzortzopoulos, Crookwell.


6. Panayoti (Peter) Tzortzopoulos, later of Warren, in New South Wales.


For an oral history told by Con Dimitri Tzortzo(Poulos), about brothers and sister, George, Harry, and Ollie, see:

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