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submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 27.02.2005

Varipatis Family Reunion

Varipatis Family Reunion
Copyright (0000) Emmanuel Varipatis

Kytherian family reunions occur on a regular basis in Australia.

Family reunions are extremely important in maintaining Kytherian cultural continuity.

Names of persons participating in the re-union are - from left to right, starting with those seated in the front row:

Marianna Giaouris, Samantha Varipatis, Stratos Varipatis, Marianthe Varipatis, Anthony Fatseas, Elizabeth Fatseas, Jacinta Patty, Victoria Papadakis, Michelle Robinson (front).

Marianthi Varipatis, Amalia Patty, Angela Langley, Stan Varipatis, Dina Fatseas, Daniel Fatseas (being held), Tony Fatseas, Maria Poulos, Jenny Conomos.

Paula Giaouris, Emmanuel Varipatis, Toula Varipatis, Mem Fatseas, Emma Fatseas(being held), Manuel Patty, Mary Robinson, Adrian Patty (behind), Manuel Fatseas, Taki Papadakis, Maria Papadakis, Theo Poulos, Vivian Cassar-Patty, Fay Fatseas, Theo Poulos, Dennis Conomos.

Names kindly supplied by Toula Varipatis.

The Varipatis reunion was advised in a recent issue of the Kytherian Newsletter.

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