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submitted by Dean Coroneos on 20.04.2013

Andy Sourrys from

Andy Sourrys from
Copyright (0000) Sourrys Family

From left to right: Theo Comino, "Veggie", Theo's wife (nee, Marendy), and Vasso Sourrys (nee Liaros), wife of Andy (Andreas).

Andy's property, "Gunnerside Station" was located near Hughenden, in Queensland, and was huge.

Andy later brought out from Kythera his nephews and neices, and his wifes brother, Harry Liaros.

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submitted by
Barbara Zantiotis
on 02.06.2015

My dad, Stephen Zantiotis, remembers Andy visiting him and his parents, Peter and Katina Zantiotis in the early 1950s in Dapto (south of Sydney). My grandfather told my dad that Andy was a relative but didn't explain how. Two of my grandfather's sisters married unrelated Souris boys but no one ventured to Hughenden so I have no idea!