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submitted by Alexandra Ermolaeff on 04.09.2003

Eirini Tzortzopoulos (nee Marcellos)

Eirini Tzortzopoulos (nee Marcellos)
Copyright (0000) Gypsy Tzortzopoulos

Studio portrait of the beautiful Eirini Tzortzopoulos (19 years of age) taken on George Street, in Sydney sometime before WWI.

Eirini was born on Kythera in the late 1890's. Her family came from the village Fratsia. She migrated to Australia circa 1910 and worked as a domestic for her uncle in Sydney. She married Theodoros Tzortzopoulos (from Karavas) in Sydney circa 1920. Initially they settled in Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, then in Crookwell, NSW, where they ran a milk bar. They had four children: Nikolas, Stamatia, Stavros, Menelaos Tzortopoulos. Eirini died in 1967.

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