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submitted by Peter McCarthy on 02.07.2003

Kyriakos Baveas 1927

Kyriakos Baveas 1927
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Kyriakos Baveas was born on the island of Kythera (Cerigo) 25 December 1880. His father was John Baveas who lived at Potamos.

Kyriakos together with son John Kyriakos Baveas arrived on a German ship the Roon at Sydney in 1908 and worked with other Baveas relatives in Inverell of a year before moving on to Narrabri for another seven years.

Kyriakos returned to Greece and fought in the Great War from 1916-23. It is possible that he may have been in Australia earlier than 1908 as his naturalization papers indicate that he had returned to Greece 1903-1904 to fight in the Balkans War.

He arrived back in Australia 1923/24 and bought the business of Con Peters & Co from Con Emmanuel Fardouly at Tingha which he conducted in his own name.

Kyriakos wife Stavroula (nee Fardouly) was still in Potamos in 1928 when he applied for naturalization as were his other children Metaxia aged 15, Helen 11, Peter 10, and Nicholas 8.

Kyriakos Baveas returned to Kythera 1930 and died shortly afterwards

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