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submitted by James Gavriles on 09.03.2004

Kytherian Brotherhood-Detroit, Michigan 1920

Kytherian Brotherhood-Detroit, Michigan 1920
Copyright (1920) J.Gavriles

Kytherian Brotherhood Detroit, Michigan.

Top row: 3rd from left Nick Cominos, 2nd from right Paul Galacatos, far right Theodore Georgopoulos (Tzortzopoulos).

Bottom row: 2nd from left Emmanuel Georgopoulos (Tzortzopoulos), 2nd from right Nick Galacatos, far right, my Father Nick Gavriles. The others, I don't know who they are.

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submitted by
Ellena Galtos
on 08.06.2004

78:Nikolas & Polychronis (Paul)Galakatos are sons of Pangiotis Galakatos from Christoforianika, Kythera. Emmanuel Georgiopoulos was their brother-in-law, having married their sister Panagiota Galakatou. They are cousins of my grandfather Nikolas Galakatos. Is it possible that the man in the top row, 2nd from left is my grandfather's brother Alexandros Galakatos (later known as Milkton)? He lived in Detroit when he first migrated to USA. Ellena Galtos