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John Minchin

Marouli Kominos with her children

From the collection of Spiridoula Alfieris Georgopoulos


Marouli Kominos (nee Katsoulis) 1895-1956 with children Theodore (1922), Fotenoula (1916), Theodroa (1915) and Anthony 1922)

Mina Antonios Kominos and Marouli Theodoro Katsoulis were married in Kythera, 1 Jan 1931.

Mina died in 1924in Sydney, AU.


It was photographed in Esma Studios, Oxford St, Sydney. It is likely the photo was sent to relatives in Kythera.

On the back it says -

Ενθύμιο στη σεβαστή θεία Σπυριδουλα και Μαριγώ ... Μαρούλι Μ Κομνηνου Συδνεΰ

17 Ιουνίου 1924

(Translated as - Souvenir for the respected Aunt Spiridoula and Marigo
Marouli M. Kominou
Sydney, 17June 1924)



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Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 14.12.2019

Marouli Komino with her children: left to right: Theo, Fotenoula, Theodora, and Anthony

John Minchin
on 14.12.2019

Thanks Vikki!!