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submitted by Maxine (Metaxia) Mitchell on 02.11.2003

Nikolasou Family

Nikolasou Family
Copyright (0000) Maxine Mitchell

woman top left: Katina Levoune (b. Nikolasou)
woman middle: Stamatia Pentes (?) (b. Nikolasou)
man right :Theo Nikolausou

From the collection of George P. Levoune (Potamos)

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submitted by
Alexandra Ermolaeff
on 03.11.2003

20:The woman sitting in the middle is my great grandmother Stamatia Aroney (nee Nikolasou) from the village Aronyiathika, Kythera. She married Dimitri Aroney in Athens, Greece, in 1923 and then travelled to Australia. Initially they settled in Bundarra, N.S.W, where they ran a café and picture show.