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submitted by Peter Samios on 07.03.2004

Panayioti Kosmas Samios

Panayioti Kosmas Samios
Copyright (1920) Samios Family

Father of Penelope Samios, Aloizianika. Taken in about 1920.

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submitted by
Maria Katsoulis
on 16.06.2010

989:Hi Peter, My mother's grandfather's name was Panagiotis Samios as well. He was from Aloizianika also. He married Vasiliki and had three children: Anna, Calliope, and Kosma. He left them and went to Chicago where he worked for many years. When he returned to Greece, World War II broke out. My Uncle Kosma's son, Panagiotis Samios, lives in Aloizianika and he used to work at the port of Aghia Pelaghia. Last I heard, he retired. His sister, Vasiliki, lives in Australia. Does this sound familiar? Maria Katsoulis