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Alexandra Ermolaeff

The Malos family in Mackay, QLD

From left to right: John Malos, his sister Violet, their mother Mrs Malos, their father Mr Paul Malos, and Dimitri (Jim) Aroney.

The family of Paul Malos, originally from Kythera, resided for many years in Mackay, North QLD.

Paul Malos was a very successful restaurateur before and during the years of WWII, owning the Capitol Café in Sydney Street. When the war finished he sold his business and properties and moved to Townsville where lost everything in a business venture. Returning to Mackay he borrowed heavily and converted the Central Café into the large and exquisite Tourist Café. The property, he leased from Dimitrios (Jim) Aroney. The business was a goldmine but it was Paul Malos’ misfortune to become ill soon after and to die.

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Family name: Malos

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