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Vikki Vrettos Fraioli

The Simos Family from Logothetianika

This photo was taken in San Francisco, CA around 1917.

Seated is Dimitrios Ioannis Simos (1877-1958) with his son John (1918-1944) seated on his lap.

Iasmia Vourlis Simos (1891-1960) is seated next to him with their daughter Zoe (1917-1987) seated on her lap.

In the back are Dimitrios’ brothers from left to right:
Panagiotis (1895-1984)
Apostolos (1890-1972) and
Theodore (1892-1959)

The Simos family was originally from Logothetianika. They immigrated to the USA in the early 1900’s, first to New York, then to San Francisco, then finally settling in Bakersfield where the family build the first Greek Orthodox Church there.

Many thanks to Megan Pearse from Bakersfield, CA for identifying each of the family members and providing the dates. Megan is the great granddaughter of Dimitrios Simos. Her grandmother Zoe is seated on her great grandmothers lap.

Megan and me (Vikki Vrettos Fraioli) became acquainted quite randomly when Megan requested to join the Kytherian Society of California Facebook group.
After chatting a bit, we discovered that our families were very close back in the early 1900’s, almost 100 years ago!

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Gaye Hegeman
on 07.07.2013

Thanks to Vikki and Megan I have discovered more cousins, in the USA. Zoe Andronikos, Megan's great-great grandmother, is the younger sister of my great-grandfather George Andronikos, born Kousounari, lived in Potamos.