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submitted by John Carras on 20.10.2007

Theo & Diane Trifyllis.

Theo & Diane Trifyllis.
Copyright (2007) John Carras

Theo is from the village of Trifillianika, and his parachoukli is Drizos.

Diane Trifyllis (nee Stathis), derives from Karvounathes.

Both live in Brisbane.

At the big panayiri.

The photograph was taken at the greatest of Kytherian-Brisbane events, which was held on Sunday the 15th April, 2007, from 11:30 - 5:00pm.

The venue was the Cyprus Club, also known as the
West End Club,
2 Vulture Street,
West End 4101
(07) 3844 7965
Fax(07) 3844 7757

The event was held for 3 reasons:
1. to mark the official Queensland launch of
2. to mark the official Queensland launch of Katsehamos and the Great Idea
3. to forge a new and inviolable union between the Kytherian Association of Queensland Inc, and the Kytherian Association of Australia, (ostensibly the Kytherian Association of NSW).

The occasion became known as the Brisbane panayiri and mega-event.

Ultimately, demand for seats was so high, that the event had to be moved from Kapsali Restaurant to the Cyprus Club.

Attendance was c. 500

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