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submitted by James Gavriles on 11.08.2003

Theodore D. Gavrilys

Theodore D. Gavrilys
Copyright (1919) Jim Gavriles

Theodore D. Gavrilys in the teens. My father's second oldest brother. Detroit, Michigan. Born in 1892 in Logothetinica, died in 1973. Had 3 children: Pauline, James, and Zaharias (Jack). Was married to Mary Coucoulis, also from Kythera

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submitted by
Lori Gavrilis
on 20.08.2020

This is my Papou, he was such a handsome young man and had a heart of gold, truly loved by all! They owned the New York Grill downtown Coffeyville Kansas in the 1940's, then built Ted's Famous Grill on the west end of Coffeyville. They kept that restaurant open until Papou passed in 1973, then my father Jacque added on and created our family business Caesars Supper Club.