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submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 28.05.2017

Zantiotis & Moulos family 1920s

Zantiotis & Moulos family 1920s
Copyright (1924) Stephen Zantiotis

This photo was taken at Esma Studios in Oxford St, Sydney around 1925.  

Left to right - Peter Stavro Zantiotis, Ekaterini (Katina) Zantiotis (Moulos), Stavroula Moulos (Kalopedis) and Athanasios Moulos.

Peter and Ekaterini are my paternal grandparents.  Stavroula is my great grandmother and the mother of Ekaterini and Athanasios.

My grandfather was from Agia Anastasia and the Moulos family were from Logothetianika.

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