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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 23.07.2004

Crethar/Panaretto Wedding 1932

Crethar/Panaretto Wedding 1932
Copyright (1932) Paul Panaretto

L to R
1. Denny (Dimitrios) Victor Panaretto of Lismore
2. Nick James Crethar of Lismore
3. Florrie (Gregoria) Victor Panaretto of Lismore
4. Miss Marigo James Crethar of Lismore
5. George Nick Combes of Tenterfield (bestman)
6. Paul (Polychronis) Victor Panaretto of Casino.

Florrie Panaretto, born at Moree in 1908, arrived in Lismore in 1932 and the ever-alert Nick Crethar rushed up from Evans Head to jump the queue of suitors, quickly out foxing the competition with a remarkable CV presented to Florrie’s brothers (notwithstanding that she was smitten anyway and ignored the selection board.)

Nick had landed in the early 1920s and spent a few years out west, mainly at Moree, before coming to Lismore in the late 1920s to link up with his brother Harry and establish a fruit shop down the southern end of Keen Street. Around 1930 they acquired the Regent Café further north on Keen, but a year or so later Nick moved off to Evans Head to establish a part-time seasonal outlet on behalf of he and Harry, alternating with a café at Coraki for a period.

They sold the Evans Head business to Johnny Nick Feros in about 1937 and Nick, after a short period back at the Regent, then took over the Woodlark Street café of Mick Marco Cassimatis and Peter Manuel Stathis. He returned to the Regent in the late war years but around 1947, after suffering one too many of Lismore’s floods, settled in Casino and established Crethar’s Café.

Nick died in 1960 and Florrie 1986. They raised six delinquents, five of whom managed to stay out of the hands of the police. (That’s an in-joke Joyce.)

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submitted by
Carla Crethar
on 04.03.2010

Nick died in 1959.

submitted by
George Crethar
on 19.03.2011

all of the above 1 to 6 are now deceased the last being my uncle paul panaretto at the age of 92/ George N Crethar

submitted by
Helen Mortenson
on 26.04.2022

I need to provide some clarification in relation to the above "in-joke". I was the sibling who finish up in "the hands of the police". As a 23-year-old, I was swept off my feet by a young constable named Peter, and shortly we will celebrate 58 years of married bliss. Also, I should confirm that my father, Nicholas Crethar, passed away in 1960 and not 1959, as claimed.