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submitted by George Poulos on 02.05.2004

Dorrigo Hotel - 1924 - Kytherian owned

Dorrigo Hotel - 1924 - Kytherian owned
Copyright (1924) Maria Hill

The Kytherian owned Dorrigo Hotel, 1924.

The individuals have not been identified.

Can anyone help fill in the history of these Kytherians?

The history of Kytherian ownership of the Dorrigo Hotel has not been recounted to date.

Can anyone inform us of this history?

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submitted by
Peter Tsicalas
on 07.05.2004

According to the site at Mick Nick Feros didn’t open his hotel until late 1925. If the date of the caption is correct the photo is probably of his café in Cudgery Street - and the bloke standing with him could be his brother Charlie who landed in 1920 aged 10 or 11.

submitted by
Chris Goopy
on 15.10.2004

My Dad, who lived in Dorrigo, thinks this is Mick Feros, who was my brother, Theo's, godfather. He's not sure of the shorter male. Chris Goopy (nee Catsoulis)