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submitted by George Poulos on 07.06.2004

Kepreotes Carpark - Gunnedah, NSW

Kepreotes Carpark - Gunnedah, NSW
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All the major carparks in Gunnedah, NSW, are named after Kytherians, as a mark of respect for the impact they had on the growth and development of the town.

This sign heralds the Kepreotes Carpark, and both their' - and "Gunnedah's" Greek heritage.

The Kepreotes Car Park is located in Little Bloomfield Street.

For more a more extensive history of the impact of the Kepreotes family on Gunnedah, use the internal search engine of the site to search under Kepreotes, or Gunnedah.

The history of Kytherians in Gunnedah has been well canvassed at Search under Gunnedah.

History of the Kytherian presence in Gunnedah, including a photograph of Jim Kepreotes and family

A photograph of Emmannuel Kepreotes in his prime

The gravesite of Emmannuel Kepreotes


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