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submitted by Effy Alexakis on 02.04.2017


Copyright Effy Alexakis, From The "In Their Own Image: Greek-Australians" National Project Archives, Macquarie University

A BIG THANK YOU to all who attended and enjoyed the presentation at KATOOMBA'S famous PARAGON CAFE by EFFY ALEXAKIS & LEONARD JANISZEWSKI – the collective "buzz", involvement, comments and questions by the audience were fantastic!! Jack Simos (who commenced operating the Paragon back in 1916) would have been proud!
More lectures will be scheduled during 2017 at various venues around the country – so keep updated by checking the "Greek Cafes & Milk Bars of Australia" website! 
A new series of lectures are also being developed which will focus on more individual cafe stories and themes in even greater detail.
This lecture was part of the 2017 GREEK FESTIVAL OF SYDNEY.
Photo: The audience in the Paragon's 1930s "Pre-Columbian Art Deco" Banquet Hall. Photo by Effy Alexakis

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