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Manilla Express

Paul Kalokerinos honoured by the town of Manilla

A very enjoyable morning to celebrate Senior’s Week

Photo: Individual nominees (left to right) - Bev Wells, Daphne Tiberi, Paul Calakerinos, Dot Allwill, Norm Carter (winner), Jim Maxwell and Clr Helen Tickle.

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The Manilla Memorial Town Hall was packed for the Senior’s Week concert and morning tea last Wednesday.
Special guests were Tamworth Regional Councillor Helen Tickle and Indigenous Elder Mr Neville Sampson who also presented ‘Welcome to Country’.

The National Anthem was performed by Mr John Brand (left) and Mr Rex Dallas who were also part of the entertainment along with school students from the Manilla Central and St Michael’s following the awards ceremony.

Those in attendance were welcomed by MC’s for the occasion Mrs Belinda Laws and Mrs Sarah Thurn who then went on to introduce
the nominees for the Senior Week Awards.

Nominated for the group award were Manilla Hospital Auxiliary, Manilla Hospital Gardeners, Visitor Information Centre and Manilla Senior’s Cards Group.

Clr Tickle had the honour of naming joint winners of the group award as Manilla Hospital Auxiliary and Manilla Hospital Gardeners. Nominated for the individual award (service to seniors) were Dot Allwill, Vera Coupland, Daphne Tiberi, Bev Wells, Paul Calakerinos, Jim Allwill, Vera Coupland, Daphne Tiberi, Bev Wells, Paul Calakerinos, Jim Maxwell, Norm Carter, Jean Jensen, Pat Jehner and Bob McDonald.

The winner was announced by Clr Tickle as Mr Norm Carter. Clr Tickle also presented all nominees (individual and group) with a certificate to mark the occasion.

Clr Tickle congratulated the winners and the other very worthy nominees on their involvement with the seniors in the Manilla community. Clr Tickle also thanked the organisers of the concert, morning tea and also those who attended the wonderful event.

Following the awards ceremony a lovely morning tea was enjoyed by all in attendance before being entertained by Manilla school students.

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