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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 28.03.2013

Princess Theatre, Launceston, Tasmania

Princess Theatre, Launceston, Tasmania
Copyright (2013) Peter McCarthy

Mareeno Lucas (Lekatsas) Princess Theatre, Brisbane Street Launceston, built in 1911has played a key role in the cultural life of Launcestion for over a century. The establishment and success of this theatre is the inspiration for theatres established by Greeks in Northern NSW including J.K.Capitol Theatres at Moree, Inverell and Tamworth also the Roxy Theatre at Bingara NSW.
Launceston City Council (Tasmania) and the Gwydir Shire Council (NSW) are to be congratulated for securing these cultural icons of national significance for their communities.

Peter McCarthy
Research Consultant
Roxy Greek Museum
Bingara NSW

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