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submitted by James Prineas on 15.06.2003

Red Rose Café

Red Rose Café
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This picture was in my family's collection. There were at least 3 "Red Rose" cafés: in Guyra, Miles and Condoblin. (All three are mentioned in the "Directory of Greek Businesses" in the People/Genealogical Research section of this website).

Does anyone know which one this "Red Rose" is?

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submitted by
John Faros
on 26.06.2003

I wonder if it belonged to my grandfather (Ioannes Faros) in Miles. I will ask my father (James/Dimitri) who should remember the cafe. A replica of the Red Rose Cafe exists at the Miles Historical Village. Yianni Faros (Sydney)

submitted by
Kerrie Feros
on 30.03.2004

This is actually the Red Rose Cafe in Norwa, NSW. It was owned by my grandfather Demitri(Jim)Castrisos & his wife Penelope for 27 years. Information provided by their daughter Chrisula Feros