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submitted by James Prineas on 15.06.2003

Red Rose Café

Red Rose Café
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This picture was in my family's collection. There were at least 3 "Red Rose" cafés: in Guyra, Miles and Condoblin. (All three are mentioned in the "Directory of Greek Businesses" in the People/Genealogical Research section of this website).

Does anyone know which one this "Red Rose" is?

See below for the different suggestions.

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submitted by
John Faros
on 26.06.2003

3:I wonder if it belonged to my grandfather (Ioannes Faros) in Miles. I will ask my father (James/Dimitri) who should remember the cafe. A replica of the Red Rose Cafe exists at the Miles Historical Village. Yianni Faros (Sydney)

submitted by
Kerrie Feros
on 30.03.2004

40:This is actually the Red Rose Cafe in Norwa, NSW. It was owned by my grandfather Demitri(Jim)Castrisos & his wife Penelope for 27 years. Information provided by their daughter Chrisula Feros