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submitted by George Poulos on 06.09.2004

Red Rose Cafe, Nowra. Jim and Penelope Castrisos

Red Rose Cafe, Nowra. Jim and Penelope Castrisos
Copyright (0000) Chrisula Feros

Photograph: The Red Rose Cafe, Nowra. The Early years.

Jim Castrisos - Red Rose Café

Demetre Castrisos was born in Mitata Kythera in 1895. He came to Australia in the early 1920's after serving in the Greek Navy during the Smyrna Campaign.

He went into business with his brother Peter Castrisos at the Golden Bell Café Tamworth. He became an Australian citizen in 1930. In 1931 he sold his share in the business and returned to Kythera where he stayed until 1936.

Jim returned to Australia on 21st August 1936, and while on the ship met his future wife Penelope Haniotis, who was joining her sister, Eleni Feros in Dorrigo NSW.

In 1937 in partnership with his brother Peter and Cousin Theo Demetre purchased the New York Café and Red Rose Café Nowra from Nick Aroney.

Jim married Penelope Haniotis on 17th August 1938, and they had 4 children (Chrisula, Victor, Tasos and Peter).

In 1944 the New York was sold to Sam Vlandis & Theo Mavromattis.

Peter & Theo Castrisos left Nowra but Jim retained the Red Rose Café. In 1951 the Red Rose Café was completely renovated, and in 1959 the business was relocated directly opposite in a property owned by Jim.

The business was sold in October 1963 and the family moved to Sydney where Jim died suddenly on 8th May 1965.

Penelope lived in Sydney with her family, which include 11 grandchildren until her death on 17th of June 1994.

The Red Rose changed hands 6 times form 1963 and in 2001 closed down. A sports store is now trading on the site.

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Information supplied by Chrisula Feros (nee Castrisos)

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