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submitted by Kytherian 4 Wheel Drive & Recreation Club on 25.04.2013

Sandy Thorne interviewing Paul Calokerinos

Sandy Thorne interviewing Paul Calokerinos
Copyright (2013) Peter Notaras

....on top of the "makeshift stage". At the 30th March, 2013 "panayiri" for the Canberra Cafe, Manilla, NSW. Sandy asked some great questions. She obviously has a affinity with Paul.

Sandy Thorne is Australia’s favourite yarn spinner, Author, entertainer, public speaker. She is “Australia’s best-selling author of outback humour books, and of "OLD TIMERS”, which featured a fascinating mini-biography of Paul Calokerinos, that was, for many people, the highlight of the book. Sandy is also a stage performer of bush yarns and verse, who has had audiences laughing all over Australia, N.Z. and the U.S., for nearly thirty years, since she launched her first best-seller, “I’VE MET SOME BLOODY WAGS!”.

She entertained the audience for a half hour at the function.

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