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submitted by Koula Veneris on 28.05.2014

The Spot Cafe, Albury NSW

The Spot Cafe, Albury NSW
Copyright (0000) Koula Veneris

The Spot Cafe in Dean St Albury owned by Dimitrios Veneris. The three waitresses were Australian ladies. The men in the photo from left to right were John Veneris, Dimitrios Veneris, Andreas Fatseas and George Veneris. John and George were Dimitrios' sons.
Photo taken in the early 1950's.

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submitted by
Cathy Bishop
on 10.01.2018

1369:Do you know the names of the waitresses in this photo? My grandmother apparently worked there. thank you

submitted by
Koula Veneris
on 10.01.2018

1370:I questioned my father and uncle (George and John Veneris respectively) about the waitresses. They said that the two taller waitresses on either side of the waitress in the middle were sisters. One of them was called Joyce and their surname sounded like Weet or Wheat?? They also had a younger sister who worked at the shop at a later time. The name of the middle waitress has been forgotten.