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submitted by George Poulos on 09.06.2004

Theo Fatseas - Gunnedah business identity

Theo Fatseas - Gunnedah business identity
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Theo Fatseas - Gunnedah business identity.
He lived in Gunnedah for 30 years. Theo owned the Monterey Cafe. He had two children, a boy and a girl. Both married and living in Sydney.

Theo Fatseas died on the 10th July, 1997.

[Information from Theo Kepreotes, Maroubra.]

It would be great for family, friends and associates to elaborate much more fully on Theo Fatseas's life.

As with many other photographs of Kytherians and Greeks in Gunnedah, the original photograph is held in repository at the:

Water Tower Museum,
Anzac Park

PO Box 244
NSW 2380

02 67402230
02 6742 1184
02 6742 3764
02 6742 1519

The Historical Societies of local town's, particularly well organised ones, like this one at Gunnedah, often hold very valuable Kytherian and Greek-Australian, source material.

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