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TIMELINE - The Roxy complex, Bingara

TIMELINE - The Roxy complex, Bingara
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Download a .pdf version of the Timeline, The Roxy complex, Bingara, here:

Roxy Bingara - Historical Timeline.pdf

1920 Emanuel Aroney (from the village of Aroniadika, Kythera) arrives in Australia

1921 Peter Feros (from the village of Mitata, Kythera) arrives in Australia

1923 George Psaltis (from the village of Frilingianika, Kythera) arrives in Australia

1924 Emanuel Aroney, Peter Feros and George Psaltis arrive in Bingara. They form a partnership called Peters & Co as equal partners and begin trading in a café under the same name on the site of the existing Roxy Café

1933 Peters & Co purchase the building which houses their café, together with adjoining properties. Architectural plans are commissioned for a modern picture theatre, café, individual shop fronts as well as a guesthouse at the rear of the complex

1934 Peters & Co relocate their café business across the road in Maitland St (adjoining Clifton’s Garage) to continue trading during construction

1936 The Roxy opens to the public on the 28th March. Peters & Co file for bankruptcy in September

1958 The Roxy Theatre closes as a cinema

1965 The Roxy Café and residence is annexed from the theatre and is sold as a freehold title. The Roxy Café ceases operation and becomes a memorabilia shop.

1989 The Roxy Café and residence is sold to a Chinese proprietor who opens a Chinese restaurant

1998 The Bingara Shire Council purchases The Roxy Theatre (and not the Roxy Café and residence that remains a freehold title and continues to operate as a Chinese Restaurant.)

2004 The restored theatre re-opens to the public as a cinema, performing arts venue, conference and private function venue. It houses the Bingara Tourist Information Centre

2008 The Chinese restaurant ceases operation. The Gwydir Shire Council purchases premises

2011 The restored Roxy Café opens to the public

2013 The Roxy Museum opens to the public

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