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Kytherian Historical Record

Venardos family leaving Blackhall, 1953

The Longreach Leader, Friday 6th March, 1953, page 19

The Venardos family, who have conducted the Central Cafe in Blackhall for many years, will be leaving there shortly for Nambour, where they have purchased a picture theatre and dance hall. These are the Vogue Theatre and Diggers Hall, which are adjacent.

The purchase price is not disclosed but it is understood to be a large figure.

The move was hastened by the growing families of the brothers and the need to seek outlets for the employment of these members.

Mr Bill Venardos is at present in Nambour, and delivery of the new properties will be taken on the 23rd March.

They will not abandon their interests entirely in the Central Cafe, which will in future be conducted by Messrs Politis and Aloazos, a brother of Mr George Venardos, and brother-in-law of Mr Bill Venerados, respectively.

Mr Bill Venardos will be a frequent visitor to Blackhall from Nambour for some time.

He will be greatly missed by the football fraternity of Blackhall and the Central-West, having been the energetic and enthusiastic president of the Blackall Rugby League and Central Western Rugby for a number of years.

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