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Peter Tsicalas

White Australia Cafe

The White Australia Café, Mullumbimby 1913.
Taken over in some fancy footwork 1914 by Basil and Alex Ioannis Feros.
Passed to Alex Dimitrios Samios (Foundas) 1921, trading as Samios Bros.
Passed to Archie Minas Protopsaltis (Caponas)1926.
Passed to Con George Karazeris (Harris) 1943.
Passed to Theo and Peter Dimitrios Protopsaltis 1950.
Theo Psaltis assumed sole proprietorship 1956.
Passed to John Theo Psaltis 1990.
Still in business as The Popular cafe in John's hands.
Photo courtesy of The Brunswick Valley Historical Society.

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John Caponas
on 25.03.2011

Unfortunately, the cafe has now closed it's doors and vanished into history. John Caponas