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submitted by Saint Haralambos Church, Tuggerah on 05.04.2013

Paul Vlandis, one of the best urto cutters in the business

Paul Vlandis, one of the best urto cutters in the business
Copyright (2013) Dean Coroneos

cutting up the mountain of urto at the Saint Haralambos feast day celebrations. Paul is a Central coast resident, shop-owner, and member of the Committee. He hails from Kalokerines, Kythera.

On Sunday 10th February, 2013, the Church of Saint Haralambos, 4 Fleet Close, Tuggerah 2259, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia celbrated the feast day of Ayios Haralambos.

The Church is in the process of being built, so the service was conducted under a very large tent-like structure which the Saint Haralambos Church Committee had constructed.

A number of buses from various parishes in Sydney ensured that the attendence at the ceremony was well in excess of 500 people.

This very dynamic Committee has achieved wonders over the past few years.

It is projected that the Church of Saint Haralambos will be completed by the end of this year (2013).

Fleet Close is off Reliance Drive, in the Tuggerah Business Park.

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