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Kytherian Association Of Australia

The icon of Ayios Theothoros on display at St Catherines on ....

....the feast day of Ayios Theothoros, 2013

Ayios Theothoros is the patron saint of the island of Kythera.

The Ayios Theothoros Feast Day, is commemorated on May 12th

This year the Kytherian Association of Australia chose to celebrate the feast day at St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church, Mascot N.S.W. Australia

Church: 180 Coward Street, Mascot
Phone: 02 9667 1001, Fax: 02 9667 4721
Old Church: 13 – 15 Tunbridge Street, Mascot
Phone: 02 9669 2420
Postal: P.O. Box 81, Mascot 2020

The beautiful ceremony was conducted by the Parish Priest, the Reverend Athanasios Giatsios

The Kytherian Association of Australia (KAA) has celebrated the feast day of Ayios Theothoros since its inception in 1922.

The responsibility to celebrate the feast day is enshrined in the Constitution of the KAA.

This year 40 Kytherians attended the Mass at St Catherines.

Historical sketch

The monastery of Ayios Theothoros on Kythera was built by craftsmen from Monemvasia at the place where a smaller one previously existed and where Saint Theodoros had lived like a hermit the 10th century. The Saint was born in Koroni and came to Kythera when the island was deserted. For this reason he is perceived by the Kytherians to be the one who brought life to the island. Ayios Theothoros died on the 12th of May 961 A.C. and his body was found intact three years later.

With the blessing of Agios Theodoros to all of you, XRONIA POLLA.

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