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George Poulos

Peter Clentzos running with the Olympic torch, 2004, aged 95.

ATHENS -- With his big, thick right hand, Pete Clentzos slaps his belly. The hand bounces off.

"The belly's solid," he says
He's right. At 95, Clentzos still has an athlete's body. He's sitting on the roof of the Plaka Hotel with a red baseball cap perched atop his weather-beaten face, an honored guest of the Greek government. Clentzos -- an American who competed for Greece as a pole vaulter in the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles -- is the oldest living former Greek Olympian. That's impressive....

"Pete Clentzos is my father's brother. He was the oldest Olympic Torchbearer in Los Angeles last June, and was also a guest of the Greek Government at the Olympics in Athens. He is 95 years old and has more energy than anyone I know. Of course, that is because of those great Kytherian genes" -
Terry Chlentzos-Keramaris.

For a more detailed and "hubba bubba" profile of the man - see, nephew, Terry Chlentzos-Keramaris's article on the man, under People, subsection, High Achievers.

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