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George Poulos

Soccer stars of the future. Peter Stevens, William Lynch, and Peter Parras.

A photograph taken on Sunday, 12th of
September at the Eastern Suburbs soccer presentation day at NSW University.

It depicts three of "our future soccer stars".

The boys all play for Eastern Suburbs under 6's.

They are, (left) Peter Stevens, son of James and Helen Stevens (nee, Notaras, (centre) William P. Lynch, son of Peter and Maria Lynch (nee, Magiros), and,
(right) Peter Parras, son of Colin and Tina Parras (nee, Masselos).

They all received a trophy on the day.

"I thought it was really cute to show everyone our future Kytherian soccer stars, as for how well Greece did this year in the Euro 2004 Cup.

I hope you enjoy this picture...".

Photograph supplied by Maria Lynch, the daughter of Peter and Helen Magiros.

Photograph originally appeared in The Kytherian, monthly Newsletter of the Kytherian Association of Australia, October edition, page 2.

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