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George Poulos

Theodoros Minoukhos. Turn of the 20th century Kytherian wrestler and rubgy league player.

"Language barriers and long working hours restricted social contact between many early Greek immigrants and other Australians. A few, however, broke through such barriers by their sporting achievements.

Theodoros Minoukhos, known as Theo Roney, earned some distinction as an amateur wrestler and rugby footballer. He arrived from Kythera about 1900 and in the New South Wales Sports Club's wrestling championships in 1908 won second prize and a medal in its lightweight division. In 1909 he gained another medal in an amateur wrestling contest. In the following year, in which he opened a sweets shop and ice-cream parlour in Kyogle in partnership with his newly arrived sister, he played in a team which won the state's rugby union premiership. In 1915 he was a member of Dubbo's winning rugby league team."

[Can anyone furnish us with photographs of Theo Roney?]

Text from;
Hugh Gilchrist, Australians and Greeks. Volume 1: The Early Years. Halstead Press. Sydney. 1992. p. 258.

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