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submitted by George Poulos on 19.12.2004

Ed Psaltis. Sydney to Hobart Ocean Racer.

Ed Psaltis. Sydney to Hobart Ocean Racer.
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Ed and Sue Psaltis.

Ed Psaltis – AFR Midnight Rambler

In 1998, Ed Psaltis and his partner Bob Thomas created history when they countered the severity of the cyclone that hit the fleet to be named overall winner of the Sydney Hobart Race with their tiny Hick 35 AFR Midnight Rambler. [See Ed Psaltis entry at kythera-family, under Photography Diaspora, subsection Sporting Life, for more details].

“Notwithstanding the tragic circumstances, no one on AFR Midnight Rambler that year will ever forget the severity of the storm, and how the seven crew worked together in overcoming those huge odds,” said Ed.

When asked why he competes, Ed responded: “For three reasons; the incredible friendships you develop with crew via battling together in such a tough race; The competitive spirit, in wanting to prove to ourselves that we can mix it with the best in long ocean racing and that we are up there in ocean racing standards; this race forces you to forget about all the day to day problems that we all encounter. The race puts everything back into perspective and convinces me that maybe the problems I thought I had aren’t that big after all!”

Ed and Bob are now campaigning a Farr 40 and following this year's Sydney Gold Coast Race, where they finished third Overall and first in division, they modified the boat to have another crack at an Overall win in the 60th anniversary race.

The modifications, while only temporary to allow continuation in Farr 40OD racing, involved optimising the boat for the type of weather Ed and Bob have experienced in "the average " Hobart. Six of the seven crew who won in 1998 are back again this year

Outside sailing, Ed, a veteran of 23 Hobarts and son of respected offshore yachtsman Bill Psaltis, is a chartered accountant. He is married to Sue and has three children.


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