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submitted by Kytherian Religious Consciousness on 16.12.2008

More frescoes on the roof of the Church of the Virgin Mary of Ilariotissa.

More frescoes on the roof of the Church of the Virgin Mary of Ilariotissa.
Copyright (2008) KRC

They are magnificent but there is a major problem.

Water is seaping through from the roof, when it rains, and damaging these priceless works of art. Water is not only destroying the frescoes, but lighting and other accoutrements on, and around, the ceiling, as well.

Aid with roof repairs, and damp proofing of the roof to the church oft the Panagia, Virgin Mary, of Ilariotissa in Potamos

The Ilariotissa Church in Potamos is kept in immaculate condition by the resident priest, Father Petros Mariatos, and an indefatigable Church Committee.

Father Petros Mariatos

Doctor Priest

With the Archbishop of Kythera, 2005 (far right)

Many Australian patrons also contribute to the needs of the Church . One such Australian Kytherian, is Mr John Mallos, Monterey, NSW, 2217. John accompanied George Poulos of kythera-family, Father Petros, and members of the Church Committee to inspect damage to the interior of the roof of the church.

The damaged roof is much more noticeable and distracting in view of the impeccable condition of the rest of the church. It is a tragedy that one of the largest and most beautiful churches on Kythera is being damaged in this way.

The waterproofing faults that allow this to occur must be rectified. It will be expensive to repair. The Committee is taking a very proactive stance, and has already accumulated funds in order to affect the necessary repairs.

Fr Petros and his Committee are seeking assistance to ensure that they act as quickly as possible to rectify the problem, so that the damage is kept to a minimum.

If you can assist please contact Father Petros

His contact details are:

Father Mariatos
Church of the Virgin Mary of Ilariotissa
Kythera. 80100

++30 2736033339 (only after 21:30 hours)
++30 2736033330 (usually between 20:00-21:00)

and mobile: ++306977595869

History of the Church

The Building of the Church of The Virgin Mary of Ilariotissa of Potamos, Kythera. A History of Service

"The Church of the Virgin Mary of llariotissa in Potamos, one of the largest in Kythera, was constructed in 1905, and was inaugurated in 1908, when the decorative works were completed. The history of the construction is of interest because it is connected with the history of the island, and of Potamos, and the tempestuous era in Greek history at the beginning of the 20th century. Bishop Efthimios Kavvathas and Mayor Michael(Mihali) Megalokonomos played important roles. The Bishop inspired, and the May¬or organised the construction of this church. But the participation of the public counted above all. The men worked at the quarries, the Iime kilns, the scaffolds and the women at woodcutting, water transportation, weaving and embroidering. The children with their teacher were transporting the materials that ships and boats would unload, from the coast of St Pelagia to Potamos. But the penny of the poor also counted as gold, as well as donations from wealthy people from Alexandria and Smyrna. This is how the church was completed in seven months!"

- Kosmas Megalokonomos

The Church dominates the village of Potamos. As a Kytherian you only appreciate the beauty of the Church when you watch other European Christians enter the church for the first time. Its beauty is breathtaking.

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