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Kytherian World Heritage Fund

Angelos Grammenos, head of the Union of Eptanesian Islands, in Greece

standing at the main podium, addressing the patrons, with the Eptanesian executive team, whilst conferring awards to notable Eptanesians in Greece and the diaspora.

On 29th May 2011, at 6:00 pm, in the Old Parliament House, Syntagma Square, Athens. The ambience of the venue was perfect for the occasion.

On the evening, the Union of Ionian (Seven) Islands, conferred awards on 2 persons from each of 6 of the Ionian Islands, and 3 persons from Kythera. Greek Post will follow up this award, by issuing a postage stamp in each awardees honour.

The three from Kythera were, George Miller, Film Producer, Sydney Australia, Vasilis Kailas, cinema and theatre actor, Athens, Greece, and Professor Nikos Petrochilos, Athens and Hora, Kythera, Greece.

Other Eptanesians included:

Elefteria Arvanitaki (singer) - Paxos
Nanos Balaouritis (academic) - Lefkatha
Maria Vasilakou (politician) - Zakynthos
Savina Giavinatou (singer) - Kephallonia
Dionyssis Grammenos (musician, soloist) - Corfu
Fotina Tharra (actress, singer) - Zakynthos
Tonia Katsiani (actor) - Corfu
Mihalis Mpourmpoulos (poet, versifier) - Ithaka
Yiannis Spathas (musician) - Paxos
Makris Tselios (designer) - Ithaca
Dimitris Tipalthos (musical conductor) - Kephallonia
Eleonora Fiorou (photographer) - Lefkatha

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