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submitted by Sofia Katsouli on 26.01.2004

Family wedding

Family wedding
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Grigoria Samios on her wedding day, flanked by her mother Gianoula, her father Theodore and little brides maid Efklia. The whole family later moved with the bride and groom to Australia.

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submitted by
Clare Read
on 07.11.2005

Image 121 is the wedding day of Efklia Magoulas to Stewart Read flanked by her mother Gianoula and her Uncle Theo Samios who gave me away as my father had died some years ago. The flower girl is Gianoula Arvythis daughter of Gloria Arvythis (ex. Magoulas). The couple flanking the groom are his parents John and Maxine Read. My parents Gianoula Samios of Alosianika and Nick Magoulas of Milapotimo both moved from Kythera and met and married in Australia in 1959. I thought this information might help your site which I find fantastic as a cultural history for my children so as they may appreciate and respect their heritage. Kind regards, Clare Read (Efklia Magoulas)