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submitted by Alexandra Ermolaeff on 04.08.2003

Karavas Picnic (circa 1932)

Karavas Picnic (circa 1932)
Copyright (1932) Gypsy Tzortzopoulos

This photograph was taken during a picnic excursion on Kythera around 1932. Pictured here are a number of Australian Kytherians; (front left) Peter Crithary originally from Karavas, (boy with hat front right) Menelaos Tzortzopoulos who was born in Crookwell, NSW, Australia in 1927 and (standing directly behind him) his mother Eirine Tzortzopoulos (nee Marsellos of Fratsia). The Tzortzopoulos family were originally from Karavas, but migrated to Australia, and then returned to the island between 1930-1938.

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