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James Gavriles

Musicians at the Fardoulis/Lahanas wedding 1954

On the steps of the Gerasimos Lahanas household,Panagiotis Katsoulis on the laouto and Pitsikas on the violin
play for the bride, his daughter and groom.
Wedding was of Panayiotis Fardoulis and Panayiota Lahanas May 15th 1954. Attended by my Uncle Thodore Gavrilys in Logothetianica.

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Anna Castrisios
on 23.03.2008

My mother Litsa Castrisios (bride's sister) was able to identify most people in this photo. From left front, Pagona Sophiou (lady facing camera), Giorgos Skordos (man with the cap), Vassilis Felias (with cigarette)and his wife Panayiota (Bota)nee Christianou. The two musicians are Panayiotis Chlentzos (with violin) and Panayiotis Katsoulis (with guitar). At the top of photo, Yiannis Cominos (carrying a basket on his head),to the front is Stamatia Cominou and boy (with cap)is bride's newphew John Fardoulis.

James Gavriles
on 08.05.2010

In this photo: Anastasios Moulos , Vasilis Georgopoulos , Mpota Georgopoulou , Panayiotis Chletzos , Panayiotis Katsoulis