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Peter Tsicalas

Greek Parade Lismore 1940-46

Brinos thinks this photo was taken at a major function/ceremony in Lismore during or shortly after WW2.
Portion of the Grafton contingent numbered as follows:
1. Anthony Lambrinos Notaras
2. Nick Langley (Anastasopoulos)
3. Peter Arthur Bernard (Venardos)
4. John Lambrinos Notaras
5. Theo Lambrinos Notaras
6. Jack Paul Moulos

Can anyone confirm the occasion and/or the other participants?

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Betty Summers (nee, Notaras)
on 27.01.2005

My brother Mitchell informs me that the man holding the wreath at the front of the group is Peter Crithary, of Lismore, who incidentally had the first air-conditioned cafe in NSW.