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Spyro Calocerinos


This article was written in the "TORCH" newspaper on the 19th September 2007.
It is pleasing to see that two girls of Greek origin received awards by Mr. Della Bosca on behalf of the NSW Government.
I am very proud, that Seva Omeros, is our grand-daughter and congratulate her for her hard work and achievements.
In the photo above, she receives her award from Mr. Della Bosca and in the next photo, with her sister Popandi who last year was "DUX" at the same school.

Recognition for High Achievers
Two local students, were among 38 Year 12 students throughout NSW, who recently received the 2007 MINISTER'S AWARD for EXCELENCE in STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT.
Amy Giannakakos of Beverly Hills Girls High School and Seva Omeros of East Hills Girls High School, won the prestigious awards, which recognise EXCELENCE in public school students.

"These students have been recognised for their outstanding academic,sporting and cultural achievements, as well as their leadership and contribution to the school community," said Mr. Della Bosca

According to her nomination information, Miss Giannakakos is a student with a definite vision, leading by example and encouraging others to realise their full potential and has been a leader within the Beverly Hills Girls High School community.

Miss Omeros' nomination, described her as a quiet achiever with an impressive and outstanding academic record, who contributed widely to both East Hills Girls High School and the wider community.

Mr. Della Bosca said, the Schools had been an integral part in the success of the students, providing a supportive and enriching learning environment that helped them to learn and achieve.

"I'm confident, that these students will go on to achieve in the future and represent NSW Schools as providers of quality education," he said.

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