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submitted by Anthony Zantis on 03.05.2005

Zantis Formely Zantiotis Peter

Zantis Formely Zantiotis Peter
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 Later to move to Goulburn in NSW, were he owned and operated a fruit shop.

Married to Helen Levantis, they had two children, Tanya and Anthony.

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submitted by
George Poulos
on 06.05.2005

According to my father Con George Hlihlis (Tzortzo)Poulos, Peter Zantis's family lived in an area called Pitsouthia, (near Ayia Anastassia, and the Vouno - about 3 kms out of Karavas on the Karavas-Potamos road). Peter was the youngest of three brothers. The name of the eldest, my father cannot recall - but the second oldest was called Stavros. All attended the school at Karavas, and all were exceptional students. My father describes the eldest of the Zantis brothers as an assos - an ace student - who was always top of the class.