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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 18.09.2017

what a disgrace !!

what a disgrace !!
Copyright (2017) Stephen Trifyllis

the once  beautiful waterfall at mylopotamos is now reduced to what resembles a swamp , in all my years of going to kythera i have  never seen the waterfall with no water at all , in other  yrears it was a treat to jump in the cold water on a hot summers day swim over to the falling water and sit there and cool off , but now the water is polluted , filled with leaves , bits of wood and full of rubbish  , the still water smells, its a crying shame it looks like this , all the natural springs of kythera should be maintained as they are a feature of the island in the summer months , even the spring on the way to agia pelagia [ gallani ] is almost dry with only a small trickel of water , there are two stories circulating  the island as why the once lush abundant spring  waters of kythera have come to a stand still, one is the lack of rain water the last few years [ not knowing of springs but i thought it  was natural water from  below  ground water springs  ] and two that the spring waters have been diverted to peoples proerety to water crops, water for animals . and general watering conditions in villages around where  the springs are !!!  if this is the case people that are doing this should be exposed and severly fined for destroying the natural beauty of the island . the water fall at mylopotamo has damaged part of the beauty of that village . lets hope when  we all visit the island again the springs are running with water and hopefully the spring in trifyllianika runs with water again as it stopped many years ago , this is part of what the council of kythera should be protecting, but as usaual the new council that is governing the island is not any better to previous councils , common on mr. mayor do somthing about our once lovely springs and get them running again .....

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