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submitted by Louiza Lindbäck on 24.02.2007


Copyright (1999) Louiza

front, from left:

Tassos (younger son of Panagiotis and Roula), Theodoros (older son of Georgios and Angeliki, grandson of Theodoros and Maria), Evangelis (son of Maria and Georgios), Petros (brother of Theodoros), Evangelio (one of five children of Stavros Sougiannis, who died 97 years old - see photo from gerokomeio, until the last years he remembered most of the mantinades he wrote)

Christos (one of six children from a house just outside Petrouni, all of them stayed on the island - he went early to gerokomeio, his brother Theodoros stayed in Petrouni, Kirani and Panagiotitsa (see gerokomeio) married in Karavas, Haralampos in Katsoulianika and one sister in Strapodi (I will check her name), Tassia (sister of Nikos on gerokomeio photo, mother of Manolis and Fotini, grandmother of Tassos below and Giannis (upper), Kirani (sister of Christos, married Trifyllis, mayor in Karavas, she went to gerokomeio at age 91-92?, died a couple of years ago) , Panagiota( mother of Manolis and Politimi, see gerokomeio photo), Politimi (her daughter, married to Georgios with the pigs in Agia Pelagia), Katina and Panagiotis (brother of Maria, the wife of Theodoros), Politimi (daughter of Stavros Sougiannis, married to Manolis Koumezos) and Anna (from Brongi, was married to Theodoros, who worked for the community) with children of the woman to the right, daughter of Evangelio

Maria (wife of Georgios, ex-farofilakas) with Vasiliki, Roula (married to Manolis,ex- xylorgos in Potamos), Angeliki (married to Georgios, mother of Maria, Petros, Theodoros -she helped me to organize this meeting), Georgios (her husband, son of Maria and Theodoros, works at nosokomeio) with Maria, Fotini and her husband Stavros, Panagiotis married to Roula (died a couple of years later), Maria (sister of Panagiotis) and her husband Theodoros(see Christos) , don´t remember this man, Roula (wife of Panagiotis) and her son Giannis, Manolis (xylorgos), Manolis (Koumezos) and Georgios (farofilakas).

Most people in the area are of Souris and Sougiannis family.

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on 20.04.2007

406:my grandmother was from petrouni . her name was despoina souri and her husband name was george souris and he was from gerakari .do you know anything about her ?