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submitted by Louiza Lindbäck on 24.02.2007


Copyright (1998) Louiza

Petrouni people at old people's home in Potamos.

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submitted by
Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 25.02.2007

378:These are wonderful photos from Kythera. Thank you for posting! I think I recognize some of these people from a video that Tom Coroneos did in 2001 when he visited the island. Tom rented an apartment across from the gerokomio and went to visit the people there on a daily basis. He recorded some of their stories, and got them up danicng to the music he played on his boombox. I edited the video footage he took and placed clips of it on my Kythera Connections website. I created a separate site called Kythera kai to Gerokomio. I believe the lady in the wheelchair might be the same one dancing in the video clip on the page entitled, Lady in Red. I believe there are other photos and clips which include some of the other people in the photo above as well. To navigate to the different pages of the Gerokomio site, click on the links at the top of the each page on the website.